Pain in my right wrist and arm has led me on a demand to find better input peripherals, at least at work.

So far I’ve been using an apple wireless keyboard (not the latest model) and an apple magic mouse.


Apple Magic Mouse | Photo:

I have to live with psoriasis, and lose lots of skin on my hands, so my mice always break the scroll wheel. The magic mouse is a life saver, because of it’s glassy surface, and no physical wheel. It always glides, it always works 100%. BUT the magic mouse is very low profile. 2cm low. You also can’t rest your palm on it, or it won’t work properly. So I have to arch my wrist and palm continuously to use the mouse. That is taking it’s toll on my body.

I’ve since replaced the mouse with a Logitech MX Master.

Logitech MX Master | Photo:

It’s bigger and meaner that’s for sure. Let’s see how well the scroll wheel handles me ;)


Rubber dome, low-profile, chiclet style keyboards be gone! I’m on the market for a TKL (Ten-key-less: has no numpad) keyboard for work. Since I’m portuguese, I’m looking for an ISO PT layout. Best solution so far: WASD Keyboards.

On the list so far:

  • Mech keyboard
  • Cherry MX Blue switches
  • ISO layout
  • PT variant

I’m also in love with the planck keyboards, and want to buy/build one for use at home. I hope to have news in the near future!

Tip: DON’T browse r/mechanicalkeyboards or you might get hooked!

Got a raspberry pi laying around and want to put it to good use? Install Pi-hole. Quick start guide: install raspbian, run

curl -L | bash

from console.

Now set the DNS on your devices to the IP address of the pi, and that’s it!

ProTip: pi-hole includes an admin panel living at pi.hole/admin. Go ahead, click it. If you did things right it should load the dashboard. It’s impressive to see how much of the web requests are ads. Usually pi-hole blocks around 10% of my web traffic.

Lately i’ve been tinkering around with home automation. The goal is to set up a dashboard powered by my sister’s old iPad, what will live near the entrance to the house.

Plans are for it to display:

  • Time and date
  • Weather forecast
  • Temperature inside the house
  • News pulled from RSS
  • ETA to work
  • Family pictures
  • Countdown to dates
  • Unread mail count

Some of the features are powered by an iPad app: Status Board, by Panic.

Others i’ll code myself via de ‘DIY panel’ feature of the app. And some others will come from a mix of coding and Home Assistant, a kickass Home Automation software.

Since I’m familiar with ruby, Sinatra will be my small-web-app backbone. I have hardware en route from China, so, more on this, soon! 🚀

Yup, that’s it. This blog is now running on jekyll. I’ll try to get used to writing in vim and markdown.

Let’s see where this leads us.